24 Hour Emergency Services Line: (585) 723-6517


We Need a Fire Fighter Like You to Manage our Fire Truck Shop as our Service Manager. It’s a tough job so we need you to possess the following personal qualities

  • Responsible – this isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. Your responsibilities are
    where the “rubber meets the road” – literally – for firefighters, communities, and co-workers.
  • Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity – you were brought up right!
  • SMART – Fire Trucks are Varied and Complex – you must know this by now!
  • Hardworking – this job is a lifestyle and you have to love it to be good at it.
  • Leadership – your work impacts the happiness and livelihoods of many others, and
    people must naturally want to be around you.
  • Know your Place – you will be balancing the needs of our customers (who need their trucks ready
    to roll at all times without issues) with the needs of your staff and the needs of the company.
    This job ain’t easy because it’s super important!
  • No-Nonsense and No-Excuses – you’ll need to answer that cell phone constantly – our customers, and their communities are dependent on you!

If this Career Opportunity Scares You – it Should.

So, if you’re still interested in the job, that says something about you. And we’ll compensate you well for your choice to work with us, make you a company owner and take care of you and your family in many other ways.


Contact Gary Sparks,
Vice President Apparatus Service

Cell: (585) 455-6175
Office: (585) 293-1688