24 Hour Emergency Services Line: (585) 723-6517

Our Fire Service Team delivers more Value Every Day. It’s the code we live by, and the reason we’re here.

It’s a simple fact: firefighters risk their lives in the course of saving others and protecting property. So, when you respond to a fire, you have to be certain that the trucks you drive, the gear you wear, and the tools you depend on are of the highest quality – and in superb working order. There’s no room for compromise.

At Churchville Fire Equipment, we know this firsthand. 95% of our personnel are current or former firefighters. We’ve been there. We understand the challenges of your line of work – from your point of view. And we’re committed to effectively protecting you and keeping you as safe as possible.


After 90 years of serving firefighting and rescue teams, MSA makes the Fire Service their premier focus for product innovations, improvements, and service. From their Cairns FIRE Helmets business to superior MSA SCBA system, we offer you their very best in protection.


Globe/Cairns ergonomic design helps you perform your best by providing more comfort and mobility with less fatigue. Engineered with the latest in state-of-the-art materials, Cairns & Globe products are built tougher to last longer.


Task Force Tips saves lives and protects property by designing and manufacturing innovative tools which exceed the expectations of those that risk their lives to save others. TFT was founded on innovation over 50 years ago. Every day new ideas flow at TFT for one reason, to help firefighters save lives and protect property more safely and effectively than the day before.