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Custom-Built Trucks

If a standard truck won’t give you all the features and capabilities you need, there’s a solution: we’ll build a truck for you from the ground up. From meticulous needs-analysis through complete design and some on-site fabrication, we’ll provide a truck based on the way you fight fires. We’ll continue to refine your design until it’s ideal for your requirements – we’re not satisfied until you are.

A Pierce Dealer for Nearly 50 Years

How Many Other Fire Apparatus Dealers Have This Length of a Relationship With One Builder?
Fire trucks are the only vehicles Churchville sells. By retaining this as our exclusive focus, we’ve gathered unparalleled knowledge and experience – so we can offer you premium quality, dependability, and confidence in the fire trucks you use.

Recognized as the Industry Leader in Performance and Innovation
Cutting-edge features no other source can provide. From inertia air-pack brackets to frontal airbags to the Pierce Ultimate Configuration to exclusive 360° protection, Pierce means one thing: total confidence. Pierce values Churchville Fire Equipment, too. Each year, Pierce sources their 35 dealers on Sales and Service Performance. Churchville Fire Equipment scored 99 out of 100 possible points in service performance – the first dealer to score that high.


Aerial Ladder

The Ascendant 107′ heavy-duty steel ladder truly redefined the single rear axle aerial market, providing firefighters with an unprecedented 107′ of vertical and 100′ of horizontal reach without compromising on water capacity, performance, or safety.

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Aerial Platform

Different lengths. Different mounts. Different materials. You use an aerial in risky situations. You need a ladder or platform that you can be absolutely sure of. It needs to perform safely. Repeatedly. Run after run. Year after year. Even in the worst conditions.

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Pierce Non-Walk-In Heavy Duty Rescues carve out every free inch of storage space in the lower body and atop the roof. Nothing goes to waste. Plus, you get maximum support through our exclusive underslung body support system.

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Nobody offers more body features, storage options, or compartment spaces when it comes to designing your rescue pumper. Whatever the need – short body for urban mobility, compartmentation for extra gear – we configure each rescue pumper around the exact demands of every department.

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If it’s available on a pumper, it’s also available for a tanker. Whether it’s side control, a top mount pump house or a Husky™ foam system, we offer a huge variety of pump house configurations and arrangements to meet the ever-changing needs of every department.

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PUC Pumper

The Pierce PUCTM is the first modern tilt cab emergency response vehicle designed specifically for the response duties of today’s fire services. PUC removes the need to build the entire body around the pump and the pump house. And it’s the first apparatus that offers the most complete single-source build, from the chassis and body, right down to the pump.

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