24 Hour Emergency Services Line: (585) 723-6517

70 years and Counting in the Fire and Emergency Service Industry

We’re on the Front Line With You

At Churchville Fire Equipment, 95% of our personnel are current or former firefighters. We’ve been there. We understand your challenges – because we’ve been there. And we’re committed to effectively protect and keep you as safe as possible.

Equipment for Firefighters is All We Do

We sell only fire trucks and fire gear, along with complete service and support. This means that everything we carry is just for firefighters, because we know the risks you take out there. You can be certain that the trucks you drive, the gear you wear and the rescue tools you depend on are of the highest quality—and in superb working condition. There’s simply no room for compromise. Your life is on the line.

Choose from Top-Quality Manufacturers

We represent the finest manufacturers of fire equipment in the world. Names like Pierce, MSA, Globe/Cairns, and TFT. These names are synonymous with quality, state-of-the-art innovation and dedication to firefighter safety.

Count on Us as A Part of Your Crew

When you work with our team, you’re partnering with the most passionate supplier of firefighting equipment in the world. We’ve got you covered, from your helmet to your boots and from your trucks to your equipment. Look to us for the convenience and financial economies of dealing with a single-source supplier.

When You Call Us, You Talk to the Boss

We’re an employee owned and operated company. That gives every person here an extra reason to go that extra mile for you. When you call us, a Churchville Fire Equipment Owner – a CEO (Churchville Employee Owner) – takes care of your needs. Every single day.

Our Mission

Churchville Fire Equipment strives to be the region’s finest supplier of emergency service products and services. We will rely exclusively on top-quality vendors and manufacturers, in order to offer unsurpassed quality. We promise to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of those rare individuals who routinely put their lives on the line for others. We vow to provide these professionals with the very best tools and capabilities for protecting the people and property of the communities they serve – because we know that these communities are the true benefactors of our existence.

It’s the code we live by, and the reason we’re here.

Our History

1951 – Churchville Fire Equipment is founded by Gerald Spotts

1963 – The company officially incorporates in New York State

1972 – Mine Safety Appliance (MSA) is added as a new product line offering

1973 – Pierce Fire Apparatus and Churchville begin a longstanding and successful partnership

1979 – Hurst “Jaws of Life” is added to the growing number of OEM’s we represent

1995 – Employees acquire partial company ownership through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

2004 – Employee-owners acquire 100% ownership of the company and purchase the Sanford Rd. headquarters

2006 – Churchville wins Pierce Service Dealer of the Year Award

2006 – State-of-the-art, computer controlled, cylinder hydrotesting equipment is added to services 

2008 – Regional expansion with a new truck service center in Tonawanda, NY

2008 – Turnout Express LLC is formed as an independent subsidiary for PPE services

2010 – Expands fabrication services by adding a new metal shear and other equipment

2015 – Pierce awards 14 new counties to the Churchville sales territory

2017 – Churchville opens a new truck service center in Syracuse, NY

2018 – MSA & Globe award Churchville by expanding their sales territory by 5 counties in Central NY

2018 – Leroy, NY building and land purchased for new truck set-up, paint and refurbishment  

2020 – Truck service, massive paint booth and refurbish building addition completed