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Churchville Fire Equipment Services Nearly 3,000 MSA SCBA Every Year!

MSA SCBA is Built to Last and Can Take it!

Yet  product quality is only a part of overall product performance.  You must also have a preventative maintenance program in place in order to maximize the value and useful life of your equipment.

Look no further - Churchville Fire Equipment's annual SCBA service program is all that you need to ensure that your SCBA is ready when you are.

Watch a typical Churchville SCBA Flow Test

Churchville Fire's Custom Database - in Short… We Know Your SCBA!

The image below is a screen shot from our database where we input and retain all of the information about your SCBA.  The ability to retrieve this data as well as all of your documented annual flow test information, on all of your SCBA, is important when you need to know important dates, serial numbers and product versions as product upgrades become available or a regulatory agency stops by for a visit.

No other fire service dealer in WNY even comes close to providing this level of detailed information as a service to their customers. Be sure - choose Churchville Fire.


Our technicians receive the absolute highest training available (CARE) from MSA.

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CARE is the latest in SCBA training that combines and replaces MSA's prior level II and level III maintenance courses.

Additionally, our technicians are available to teach and train your personnel on basic SCBA maintenance  so you can effectively do your part to  ensure that your equipment remains clean and in the best working order possible.

Review the Top-Ten Reasons to choose an MSA SCBA

The most important decision you can make with your SCBA choice is to choose Churchville Fire Equipment -

Breathe Easier - We've Got You Covered.