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Is Service After the Sale Important to You?

It is to Us!

And we know that sometimes it may even seem unimportant when you're making the decision on what new equipment to purchase.  We believe that our role as a fire service dealer is to provide products AND service those products. In fact, 85% of our employee owners are service technicians trained to the highest levels available and true specialists and professionals in their chosen field.

We have redefined service and receive annual accolades and awards on our internal systems that remain "Best in Class" and an example for other dealers to follow.

Our Six Part Service Philosophy is This:

  1. Hire, Train and Retain the best technicians
  2. Carry a large parts inventory to minimize our customer equipment down-time
  3. Offer a Mobile Service option for more customer convenience
  4. Be ready to answer the call for Emergency Service 24/7
  5. Remind our customers when their equipment services are due with phone calls or postcards
  6. Record all of the service information for our customers and back-up that data in case our customers ever need those records
If your service provider doesn't measure up to our service philosophy and you want a service quote or just some free advice from us - we'd love the chance to win your business.