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Quality Services to Meet Your Demanding Needs

Hose Recoupling and Repair

From 1 inch through Hard Suction Hose - we can handle your hose repair.

Have you got a hole or excessive wear on a length of hose? We can cut that hose, making it into a few smaller lengths and recouple the ends with American Made fittings. Get more for your money by getting a longer useful life out of that otherwise unusable hose.

We have a huge supply of Red Head fittings on hand at all times so we can turn your repairs around quickly.

Small Engine Repair and Saw Set-Up

We are an authorized service center for Cutters-Edge saws and your source for replacement parts and factory authorized repairs. We'll work on any brand of small engine to get you back up and running.
From saws to fans to generators - our techs can get it back working for what it was designed to do.

Other Important Services

  • Hydrotesting SCBA Cylinders
  • Filling SCBA Cylinders
  • SCBA Flow Testing
  • Fire Truck Service
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Water Valve/Gate Repairs
  • Small Engine Repair