Gasoline Powered Cutting Torch
Churchville, NY -

Oxy-Fuel Cutting System for Search and Rescue Teams

Super power for everyday hero's.

Over 3,000 fire departments and search and rescue teams around the globe rely on Petrogen to help free victims in need. Designed by experienced rescue personnel and used by professionals, our products provide unparalleled performance and reliability in a world where failure is not an option. Our units are designed and refined by using the experienced input of rescue professionals.  Petrogen is constantly improving to provide you the best products, service, and training.


No. 1 is Safety

Petrogen is more forgiving than traditional oxy-fuel cutting systems operated by new users, which is one reason why fire/rescue personnel prefer Petrogen for use by non-burners.  The liquid gasoline fuel in the hose prevents any flame from going back into the torch. Liquid gasoline is more stable than traditional cutting gasses and gasoline has a lower flammability range. Petrogen fuel tanks are safer to transport and store than other traditional oxy-fuel tanks. The gasoline flame oxidizes the steel 100%, so there's no molten sparks or slag. Sparks are lightweight and relatively cool to the touch. Burning acetylene produces dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide, while Petrogen produces less airborne contaminants and gives off only steam and carbon dioxide. By the nature of the way a Petrogen cutting system operates, cutting galvanized and lead-painted steel are much less toxic than cutting these items using traditional methods.

Petrogen torches are especially ideal for use in structural collapses and confined spaces. Our technologically-advanced torches cut rebar-embedded concrete without popping. Thick structural support beams are quickly cut in one quick pass and because sparks from the steel are completely oxidized and lightweight, they have less risk of causing a secondary fire.

Like the heroes that use them, Petrogen units are rugged and reliable. Because of their durable design, we stand behind our units 100%. We are always ready to provide you the tools and support necessary for your team to save lives for many years to come.

Fuel Economy
Along with the benefit of being reliable, training costs can be significantly reduced with Petrogen torches. Petrogen tips have a much longer service life than acetylene tips. Our tips can last for several years with reasonable care. Our 2.5-gallon fuel tank filled with gasoline has the same amount of cutting power as 250 cubic feet of acetylene, yielding a 95% savings in fuel. In addition, because it utilizes ordinary gasoline, Petrogen fuel is available anytime, anywhere.

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