All-New Pierce Dash CF Redefined Custom Fire Apparatus
Churchville, NY - March 24, 2011

Revolutionary vehicle establishes new benchmarks for space, visibility, safety, serviceability and heavy-duty construction.

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APPLETON, Wis. (March 24, 2011) - Pierce Manufacturing, an Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) company, today unveiled its newest innovation - the all-new patent pending Dash CF™ fire apparatus - at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) booth #8805/9902 in Indianapolis, Ind. The new vehicle features an innovative tilting cab-forward design that repositions the engine rearward and down low between the frame rails, with an open interior configuration that helps firefighters better prepare for the unexpected situations they face when arriving on scene. 

"The Dash CF is built to allow firefighters to be more aware and ready for the situations and challenges they face every day," said Jim Johnson, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. "As a company, we are a leader and an innovator, and the Dash CF follows in the footsteps of other industry changing technologies we've introduced, such as the Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC™), side roll protection and frontal airbag systems, TAK-4® independent front suspension, and the Husky® foam system, to name a few."

Changing the location of the engine, when combined with the patented and innovative PUC pump design, enables an integrated pumper/engine configuration that dramatically increases driver and officer interior cab space, improves visibility and serviceability, and sets a new benchmark for heavy duty construction - all the while keeping the vehicle easy to maneuver.

Useable Space

The open interior layout offers all occupants a full view to enhance en route communication as well as enhanced outward visibility. The driver and officer seats are positioned farther inboard, providing far greater shoulder, elbow and hip room; and the flat floor offers an increased amount of space to stow turnout gear up front. 

The redesigned real estate between the driver and officer (along with a flat floor and no engine tunnel) offers more room and an uncluttered "workstation" space for the officer. The greatly enhanced officer area includes easy to reach mobile data terminal (MDT) power points. 


A significantly lower, single piece panoramic windshield has been lowered a full 10 inches for excellent outward visibility. In addition, the teardrop front door windows - and larger, side middle windows - offer firefighters significantly improved visibility as they approach an emergency scene. The ergonomically designed control console is placed lower, which in turn, results in switches, radios, and controls being located out of critical sight lines.


The cab firewall is ¼" thick aluminum plate backed with a welded ½"cross support to provide a strong structure that better protects occupants in the event of a frontal crash. Stair-stepped cab steps are positioned lower to the ground, and provide for more confident entry and exit. In addition there are no uncomfortable and potentially unsafe interior step wells. Other Pierce safety technologies abound, including side roll and frontal airbag protection systems, for enhanced safety in the event of a collision. The Dash CF also offers TAK-4® independent front suspension for a smoother and more confident ride. Other available safety technologies include Pierce PS6® air suspension seats, with dual belt retractors, and increased belt length to fit over turnout gear. 


The Dash CF vehicle is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. For example, integrated metal wire raceways with removable covers offer simple access to cab harnesses for easier troubleshooting. Engine and transmission checks and fill points are accessible through a door on the driver's side of the chassis while standing on the ground. To further improve serviceability, the primary power distribution containing relays, fuses and solid-state modules are easily accessible via a drop down panel at the officer's feet - while service items commonly found under the cab, such as the air intake filter and all accessory drive belts, are easily reached by walk-up access. Even the cooling system, which has been relocated out from under the cab, is more accessible. This relocation has also resulted in a larger and far quieter interior environment.

In addition, Pierce's exclusive Command Zone™ advanced electronics delivers mission critical programming and easy to use diagnostic tools, with access to vehicle information through a large color display monitor. 

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Dash CF is built utilizing Pierce's exclusive 13.38-inch frame rails - the largest and strongest in the industry. Heavy-duty construction is carried throughout the cab with thick structural A pillars, one-half inch cross cab supports, and a quarter inch thick firewall across the front of the cab. Inside, a durable metal console and instrument cluster places key information directly in front of the driver. The industry's largest HVAC system includes push button independent front and rear controls with 14 adjustable overhead A/C vents for more efficient cooling.

 "The Dash CF expands the PUC configuration's benefits to include dramatic improvements in the cab and chassis areas. Our approach of designing the occupant areas around the firefighter instead of around the engine and cooling system is the direct result of in-depth research and focus groups with fire departments," said Mike Moore, Pierce Manufacturing vice president of business development. "The Dash CF reflects everything we've learned about meeting the situation readiness needs of first responders."

The Dash CF is available with a wide range of proven Pierce firefighting innovations, such as the Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC) with its patented space saving design. The mid-ship mounted PUC pump is 30% lighter than conventional pumps, and allows for more compartment space with a shorter wheelbase.  Husky® foam systems and Hercules® compressed air foam systems (CAFS) are also available.  The Dash CF features a 450 horsepower engine and a wheelbase as short as181-inches. The Dash CF is initially available in pumper and rescue configurations.

About Pierce Manufacturing

Pierce Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation [NYSE: OSK] company, is the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus. Products include custom and commercial pumpers, aerials, rescue trucks, wildland trucks, minipumpers, elliptical tankers, and homeland security apparatus. In addition, Pierce designs its own foam systems and was the first company to introduce frontal airbags and the Side Roll Protection system to fire apparatus. To learn more about Pierce, visit

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