CFE HBar Rounded Top
CFE HBar Rounded Bottom
Big City Performance in a Value Driven Design.
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Heat Seeker (colorization for hot objects)
  • Extended High Sensitivity operating range
  • Quick Temp temperature bar and digital readout
  • Rugged, ergonomic, user-friendly design

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MSA Evolution Thermal Imaging Cameras are used by many of North America's largest fire departments.

So, for big-city performance in a value-driven design, choose MSA's new Evolution® 5600 Thermal Imaging Camera. Because it provides a 14,400-pixel detailed image and the industry's widest temperature range, within a fire service-tested ergonomic package, the Evolution 5600 TIC is sure to be a top performer in any evaluation.

All TIC sensors are not "created equal". Many TICs use general-purpose military technology, which converts to Low-Sense mode at temperatures as low as 176°F. Only MSA's TICs use a high performance commercial sensor that delivers High-Sense image quality at up to 320° F, the temperature range most often present in structural fires. This sensor continues to provide significantly greater contrast in Low Sense mode, up to temperatures exceeding 900°F. Seeing is believing, so be sure to put your next camera to the test.

MSA's Heat Seeker and Quick Temp functions deliver critical information with unmatched performance at all temperatures in both High and Low Sense modes. Firefighters can quickly identify the "Hot Spots" and danger zones for effective decision-making to help ensure a safe operating environment. These features are clearly a "must have" in any modern TIC.