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When You Choose MSA Products from Churchville - You're in Good Company.

Rescue Belt 2

See the Rescue Belt I in action here.

Get specifications for Rescue Belt II here.

With more than 300 fire departments in WNY using MSA SCBA  and over 3,000 certified SCBA Flow Tests conducted every year - the Churchville/MSA partnership is the right combination of product ingenuity and long service life.

To see why our Certified Service program maximizes your SCBA longevity, Value and Peace-of-Mind -

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Question and Answer

Q: Why do SCBA Manufacturers use local dealers to sell their products?
A: Because your local dealer does a better job at it than the manufacturer ever could.

Here's why:

  • Your local dealer employs local salespeople that are available to you in-person with short notice - typically less than a day.
  • Your local dealer can deliver on a 24/7 emergency response promise.
  • Your dealer keeps demo packs on hand that you can try before you buy.
  • Your local dealer provides certified service after the sale to ensure your life saving equipment is ready when you are. The service tech is also your contact for any factory warranty claims or repairs that may arise during the life of the SCBA.
  • Your local dealer will help you stay informed of product changes and innovations or NFPA Revisions.
  • Your dealer charges less than List Price because they can pass along the volume discounts they receive from the manufacturer.

Forget everything you know about SCBA and open your eyes to what lies ahead for the future of interior firefighting.

Why did the IAFF and DHS select MSA last year to build a prototype for the Next Generation of SCBA? Let us show you why MSA Technology is way ahead of the competition in terms of safety innovation with one of our SCBA Demonstrations and try before you buy packs.

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Breathe Easier!

You can now purchase an NFPA compliant air pack for less than $4,000!


Introducing the FireHawk M7

M7 Configuration Selections:

  • 5 Carbon Cylinders Available (30 min. Low or High Pressure / 45 min. High Pressure Regular or High Pressure Low Profile / 60 min. High Pressure)
  • 6 Facemask Selections
  • Sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Slide-to-Connect or Push-toConnect Regulator
  • Easy to Service / Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Best Warranty in the Fire Service
  • Modular Platform for Growth
  • Simple - Throw it On!
  • Rugged - Throw it Off!


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Now Available - MSA Rescue Belt II

Rescue Belt II

Learn all about this new belt here