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In order to operate safely and effectively, extinguishers must undergo regular maintenance. A lack of proper maintenance can lead to an extinguisher failing to discharge when required or worse yet, rupturing when pressurized. This has the potential to cause serious injury or fatalities. Year after year you can trust Churchville Fire Equipment to inspect and test the safety of your equipment.

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State Of The Art: Reliable, Consistent, and Repeatable

With our computer controlled system we are capable of hydro-testing up to 10,000 psi.
Churchville Fire Equipment is your place to go for testing without compromise.

Capable Technicians

Our expertly trained technicians visually check each cylinder for safety defects such as: cuts, bulges, corrosion, rust and cracks.

Our Shop is Capable of Handling All Makes and Types of Cylinders Including:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • All SCBA & SCUBA Bottles
  • Medical Oxygen
  • Low and High Pressure Cascade Cylinders

Precise Evaluation: Precise, Accurate, Safety

To discover hidden dangers that go unnoticed by the human eye Churchville Fire Equipment now inspects 6351 aluminum cylinders with an eddy current test to further verify the neck and shoulder area of the cylinder is free of cracks, Our testing meets all DOT and NFPA safety regulations.

By choosing Churchville Fire Equipment you'll never have to worry about the condition of your equipment. With peace of mind you can put your efforts towards your daily tasks. We'll handle the rest. A professionally trained and educated staff that will provide the best possible service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Guaranteed.

Extinguisher Training

Have you ever used a Fire Extinguisher?
Does your Staff know where the Fire Extinguishers are in your building?
Someone just yelled…"FIRE"…Now what??

Churchville Fire Equipment now offers:
Fire Extinguisher Training

  • We'll schedule a time to train you and your employees that is convenient for you
  • We'll conduct a quick overview, show a short video, and have your staff extinguishing a fire in no time
  • We'll send you a training certificate that you can forward to your insurance agent in case it qualifies you for a discount

Call us today to schedule your training:    
Ken cell: 585-230-3926
Josh cell: 585-469-6354
Mike cell: 585-261-1554