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MULTI-CUT Fire Rescue Saws
Equip_Cutters_Thumb Chainsaws that are specifically designed for the demands of the fire service. Since 1984, Cutter's Edge has been committed to producing the best saws, chains and blades on the market.

Cutters Edge MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saws are designed and built specifically for the fire rescue service. They deliver 100% reliable high performance cutting in hazardous, hot, and heavy smoke conditions.
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The BULLET Chain is the first and only chain designed from the ground up specifically for fire department ventilation, forcible entry, and rescue operations.

Carbide-Tipped Chains
• Bullet® Chain
• DUAL RAKER Carbide-Tipped Chain
• B3E Carbide-Tipped Chain

MULTI-CUT Sawing Kit
Diamond Plate Aluminum Field Case
Operation, Maintenance Manuals, Warranty
(1) MULTI-CUT Fire Rescue Saw with BULLET Chain Tool Kit - Including:
    • Grease Gun Grease Packet
    • (1) Air Filter
    • (1) Pre-wrap Filter
    • (1) Foam Filter Dressing
    • (1) 8 oz. 2-Cycle Oil (100:1)
    • Saw Sling - Carry Strap
(1) 1/4 Gallon Fuel Container
(1) BULLET Chain (Spare)
(2) Tree Cutting Chains
(3) Bar & Chain Oil

CE101C Fire Rescue Concrete Chain Saw

The CE101C Gasoline-Powered Fire Rescue Concrete Chain Saw with SealPro™ Diamond Segmented Chain cuts reinforced concrete up to 14 inches thick. No power pack and no hydraulic lines are required. Only one water line is necessary to lubricate and cool the chain and eliminate any concrete dust. A 2 gpm (7.5 liters/min) flow of water at 20 psi (1.5 bar) is all that is needed. In many cases a standard residential hose can supply all the water necessary. Water can also be supplied by any water source, including fire hydrants, engines, and tenders. We also offer a complete Concrete Sawing Kit which includes a pump and all accessories necessary to supply water for cutting.

GCP SealPro Diamond Chain
Our GCP Premium SealPro Diamond Chain has the largest diamond segment available for a gasoline powered concrete chain saw and cuts reinforced concrete up to 16" thick.

CECSK Concrete Sawing Kit
Our rugged 24-piece CECSK Concrete Sawing Kit includes all of the tools you'll need to cut concrete anywhere, using any available water source.

CE807R Rotary Rescue Saw B1 Series
The NEW Generation Rotary Saw is Here!

Buy our Rotary Demo Saw and SAVE $$$$ - For $1,200 you can purchase our Rotary Saw completely tuned and ready to go with a Black Star Diamond Blade Upgrade - call Todd Wainwright at our office at 585-293-1688 for more details.

E807R Rotary Rescue Saw Kit

Includes Everything You Need for Any Situation!
• 14" Black Lightning Diamond Blade
• 14" Black Star Diamond Blade (Spare)
• 1.25 Gallon Fuel Container
• 8 oz. 2-Cycle Synthetic Oil Mix
• 3/4" x 75 ft. MYTI-FLO Woven Hose
• Spark Plug (Spare)
• CE5050 Air Filter Recharger Kit
• CE807R Drive Belt (Spare)
• Water Kit
• Complete Field Tool Kit
• Diamond Plate Aluminum Case

Black Lightning Diamond Blades
Cutters Edge Diamond Blades Cut Anything, Anywhere Longer, Faster and Safer than Any Other Diamond Blade and Fit All Rotary Saws

Black Star Diamond Blade™
Cutters Edge Diamond Blades Cut Anything, Anywhere Longer, Faster and Safer than Any Other Diamond Blade and Fit All Rotary Saws