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Over 60 years in the Fire and Emergency Service Industry

Our Philosophy

It's a simple fact: firefighters risk their lives in the course of saving others and protecting property. So when you respond to a fire, you have to be certain that the trucks you drive, the gear you wear, and the rescue tools you depend on are of the highest quality - and in superb working order. There's no room for compromise.

At Churchville Fire Equipment, we know this firsthand. 95% of our personnel are current or former firefighters. We've been there. We understand the challenges of your line of work - from your point of view. And we're committed to effectively protecting you and keeping you as safe as possible.

It's the code we live by, and the reason we're here.

Fire Equipment is Our Sole Focus


Our Mission

Fire equipment is all we sell. Period. We don't offer other types of trucks, or other types of gear. We sell fire trucks, fire gear, and service and support for everything we carry.

Top-Quality Manufacturers

We work with the finest manufacturers of fire equipment in the world. Names like Pierce, MSA, Globe/Cairns, TFT and Cutters Edge. Names synonymous with quality and state-of-the-art innovation in the industry-so you know you'll always be on the vanguard of fire-fighting technology.

Your Single-Source Supplier

When you work with Churchville Fire Equipment, you're tapping into one of the most comprehensive offerings of fire-fighting equipment in the world. We've got you covered-top to bottom and end to end. From your helmet to your boots and from your trucks to your equipment. Look to us for the convenience and economies of dealing with a single-source supplier.


We're an employee owned and operated company. That gives every one of our people an extra reason to go that extra mile for you. Every single day. For nearly sixty years, we've built our reputation on this promise:

Churchville Fire Equipment will strive to be the region's finest supplier of emergency service products and services. We will rely exclusively on top-quality vendors and manufacturers, in order to offer unsurpassed quality. We promise to do all in our power to ensure the safety of those rare individuals who routinely put their lives on the line for others. Finally, we vow to provide these professionals with the very best tools and capabilities for protecting the people and property of the communities they serve-knowing that these communities are the true benefactors of our existence.